Problem resolution management – BMW

In 2016-2018 embeddedTEAM was responsible on problem resolution management (SUP.9) and change request management (SUP.10) for Auxiliary ECU participating in ADAS vision system.

When we joined the team we took a role of task force team for dozens of customer problem reports – BMW QC tickets. The tickets were various from communication issues like Ethernet, FlaxRay, CAN, to low level driver issues like multicore issues.

We quickly challenge the tickets and met BMW QC due dates regularly. EmbeddedTEAM involvement has increased in area of resolution implementation (requirements, software, testing) to such extend that after few months whole process including QC-manager was covered.

Automotive SPICE assessment conducted by Kugler Maag CIE GmbH showed our high process orientation and was rated as Full Level 2.

This project gave as an experience in direct contact with BMW development team. We learned how meet clear and high customer expectations on daily basis. That helped us to improve our internal work quality.