During our career, in most of automotive projects we were involved in bootloader software development, covering whole V-model: software requirement analysis(SWE.1), construction and verification (SWE.3, SWE.4), integration(SWE.4) and testing (SWE.5-6)

It has started with support for customer in-house H8SX bootloader support and its extension for new microcontrolles and various communication protocols (KWP2000, UDS). We’ve been integrating bootloaders for ARM, RH850 and Infineon TC29xx & TC39xx multicore microcontrollers for various OEMs supporting various communication protocols.

We were responsible for build toolchain and flash containers generation covering Tier and OEM cyber security aspects. We test bootloaders on automatic test setup written in CAPL scripting language in Vector CANoe.

We are capable to implements change request and fix performance issues in existing integrations. We support OTA integration as well.