Remote industry pumps monitoring

Allweiler GmbH , a well know German pump maker has pointed embeddedTEAM for development of a new generation monitoring system for their industry pumps . A system that via a set of sensors monitors a pump and performs immediate diagnostics & notification. It allows a full and secure remote access to the results bringing pumps to industry 4.0.

During the project we have elicit all stakeholders requirements (SYS.1) and build a product concept. We’ve been working with pump experts, field engineers, management, purchasing, components suppliers, production and marketing to define final specification and design (SYS.2, SYS.3).

We have finally developed a software that supported all the defined requirements (SWE.1, SWE.2, SWE.3) and performed system integration testing (SYS.4) proving that all requirements are met.

It was a challenge to compromise all the stakeholders and their needs. We have managed it by rating the requirements and showing their relations and impact on the future system which was successfully launched in 2016.

It was a challenge for both sides as we have never delt with pumps and our customer have newer participated in software development process. Open communication, trust and curiosity were key success factors for this project.