Porsche Airbag ECU

In 2013 embeddedTEAM has taken over the responsibility for software engineering of Airbag ECUs designed for Porsche Panamera (series 1) and Porsche 9×1 family after they reached the SOP.

For over 6 years we were dealing with software change requests (SUP.10), algorithm and calibration updates (SWE.1 ,SWE.2, SWE.3), flash containers creation and release (SUP.8, SPL.2, SPL.3) and problem management (SUP.9). We have covered dozens of new variants and facelifts that entered the global market including the 100 years anniversary limited 918 Spyder series.

We’ve been changing the software to support new demanding crash scenarios and safety levels. Had to reorganize operating system and its resources to support additions airbags and features which we had also implemented. Modify bootloader and flashing scenario. We’ve been supporting testing, validation and production.

To maintain this high-end pre-Autosar ECU (OSEK based) that contains 2 microcontrollers and supports 32 airbag lines, we’ve been using a full range of development tools like: Lauterbach T32, Vector CANbedded, CANoe, Candella, CandellaFlash, DiVa, Porsche PIDT and laboratory tools like logic analyzers, programmable power supplies, oscilloscopes.

It was a great adventure to work on this excellent product with our partners at Porsche Ludwigsburg. Their work culture, clear expectations, state of art technology were key success factors of our project.

embeddedTEAM has successfully proven its capabilities and maturity in automotive software engineering.