Safety Domain ECU

In 2018 embeddedTEAM joined software development team for Safety Domain ECU. It is a a high-end platform based on AUTOSAR 4.3 running on multicore microcontroller equipped with all automotive communication interfaces that gives a capability to OEM applications.

For almost 2 years we’ve been building application software specializing in low level components like MCAL and BIST features. We have successfully setup full communication stack over CAN, FlexRay and Ethernet.

Development of software followed ASPICE 3.1 processes: SWE.1 ,SWE.2, SWE.3. We worked in international environment for that project (Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, India, China). We have complied to functional safety levels ASIL-B (for data processing) and ASIL-D for application.

For configuration of AUTOSAR stack we used DaVinci Developer and DaVinci Configurator. For configuration of Ethernet we used Vector PREEvision. For Testing software implementation we used CANoe simulation, Saleae Logic for debugging issues, Lauterbach as software debugger.

Our technical expertise was appreciated and we were exclusively nominated as an integrator of a Bootloader and OTA feature for this platform which was successfully presented EuroSpeedway Lausitz.